Introducing StreetMetrics' Cutting-Edge Automated Attribution for Web and Footfall Studies!

Automate attribution studies and gain access to real-time insights

Introducing StreetMetrics' Cutting-Edge Automated Attribution for Web and Footfall Studies!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest Attribution Manager offering—automated attribution for both web and footfall studies. This feature is designed to revolutionize the way customers analyze the impact of their moving outdoor ads.

Understanding Automated Attribution?

Attribution is a vital component that empowers the industry to comprehend consumer actions post-exposure. To propel out-of-home media into greater market share, having advanced tools to validate the efficacy of outdoor ads is imperative. StreetMetrics' updated Attribution feature puts self-service at the forefront, making the creation, management, and exportation of attribution studies easier than ever before.

How to Harness the Power of Automated Attribution:

For Web Studies: Head to the Attribution Manager tab in the platform, request a study, and voila! A comprehensive study will be automatically delivered 24 hours after the Post-Campaign Window.

For Footfall Studies: Similarly, request a footfall study in the Attribution Manager tab, and within 24 hours after the Post-Campaign Window, receive a detailed study report.

An exciting new feature StreetMetrics is proud to share is that customers can now track conversion results mid-way through the campaign for both Web and Footfall Studies, providing them with real-time insights.

Leverage the power of automated attribution to drive business growth with robust insights at your fingertips. Showcase a compelling story of strong ROI for transit media, emphasizing the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising efforts. 

StreetMetrics is committed to making your attribution journey seamless and impactful! 

Ready to revolutionize the way you measure the impact of your campaigns? Reach out to our team to learn more about automated attribution, request a demo and chat with our team to determine how StreetMetrics can help your team prove the effectiveness of your transit ad campaigns. 

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