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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my agency access StreetMetrics insights?

StreetMetrics works directly with media operators, so running a campaign with a verified partner operator provides the opportunity to access insights.

What type of products can be measured?

StreetMetrics measures the many different ad formats that can be placed on moving vehicles. View our Media Kit for a full overview.

What is needed to use StreetMetrics solutions?

A robust GPS signal for each vehicle under measurement.

Why does my agency need to access reporting through an operator?

Due to the technical nature of integrating and measuring moving vehicle ads, StreetMetrics partners directly with media operators to surface insights.

Where are StreetMetrics services available?

StreetMetrics operates globally, please reach out and we'll provide more details about services in your region.

Are there example success stories?

Visit our Resource Hub to view case studies.

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