Circuit Partners with StreetMetrics for Advanced Transit Advertising Measurement

Circuit selects StreetMetrics to provide reliable, data-backed insights around its customers’ campaigns

Circuit Partners with StreetMetrics for Advanced Transit Advertising Measurement

BIRMINGHAM, AL, February 20, 2024 – StreetMetrics, the leader in Moving Out-of-Home (MOOH) media measurement, announced today that Circuit is using the StreetMetrics platform to enhance measurement and attribution across its electric vehicle fleet. With more accurate impression counts and audience data, Circuit has the  ability to enhance its service to its customers by providing data-backed insights. 

Alyson Brown, Managing Director - Advertising Sales, Circuit, says: “Before we partnered with StreetMetrics, our audience insights were limited to what we learned through the Circuit app, we knew very little about the larger audience of exposed pedestrians. But now with StreetMetrics, we’re able to prove our transit performance measurement and better understand the exposure. We’re also excited for the opportunity to better serve our brands and agencies by offering them attribution insights about their campaigns.” 

With limited options for measuring dynamic fleets, Circuit was relying heavily on Daily Effective Circulations (DECs), which are averaged estimates, and its ridership numbers. With the StreetMetrics platform, Circuit will now be able to effectively measure the impressions every campaign garners, gain insights about the audience, and present that information in a way that proves media performance to Circuit’s advertisers.

Michael Steinberg, Chief Revenue Office, StreetMetrics, says: “Data-backed insights are key when operators are communicating with their buyers, especially when it comes to planning and evaluating campaign success. With StreetMetrics, Circuit can enter these conversations well-prepared, fostering confidence through comprehensive data. Our partnership with Circuit is an exciting step forward, driving innovation in the OOH and electric ride-share industries.” 

This partnership demonstrates the power of data in transit advertising. Companies like Circuit understand the need for accurate measurement and attribution as it directly impacts not only their success, but their customers’ success as well. 

About StreetMetrics

StreetMetrics is a media measurement company serving the out-of-home advertising industry. StreetMetrics’ planning, measurement, and attribution solutions help media operators prove the return on investment for their out-of-home ad campaigns. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Circuit

Circuit is a network of all electric vehicles providing on-demand rides in major cities and coastal communities. We make getting around easier, greener and more affordable. By working with advertising sponsors, cities, and strategic partnerships, we bring electric mobility to all. For more information, visit

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