Street Smart Advertising: Integrating Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising for Unrivaled Omnichannel Success

OOH ads - where your message transcends screens and engages your target audience throughout their daily lives

Street Smart Advertising: Integrating Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising for Unrivaled Omnichannel Success

In an era dominated by virtual and screen-based interactions, the importance of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has emerged as an untapped powerhouse that marketers and advertisers can no longer afford to overlook. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, OOH advertising stands out as a dynamic and impactful element in the contemporary marketing mix. 

Let’s explore why OOH advertising should be a vital component of any comprehensive omnichannel strategy, focusing on four key points that highlight its unique and impactful contribution.

Extended Reach and Frequency:

OOH advertising goes beyond the limitations of online spaces, extending its reach to diverse demographics that may not be easily accessible through digital channels alone. Commuters, pedestrians, and individuals in public spaces become captive audiences, exposed to OOH campaigns repeatedly during their daily routines. This heightened exposure creates a reinforcing effect, strengthening brand recognition, awareness, and post-exposure actions, including website, app or store visits. 

According to OAAA, “of the 88% of consumers who notice OOH ads: 

  • 78% engaged in some way
  • 76% used a mobile device to learn more about a product features in an OOH ad 
  • 51% used their mobile device to search for more information about an advertiser
  • 43% made an online purchase” 

Furthermore, OAAA reported that “among the 30% of adults who recently noticed an OOH ad that gave directions to a store or business: 

  • 43% visited the store, business or restaurant within 30 minutes of seeing the ad
  • 78% of those visitors made a purchase”

Source: OAAA’s Out of Home Ads Drive Real-World Action

Each of these stats prove that by incorporating OOH into an omnichannel strategy, advertisers can amplify their message, ensuring a more comprehensive and sustained impact across various touchpoints, and drive lower funnel metrics simultaneously. 

Integration for Seamless Brand Storytelling:

Omnichannel strategies thrive on cohesive and interconnected brand narratives. OOH advertising acts as a tangible bridge, connecting the virtual and physical dimensions of a brand's story. When seamlessly integrated with digital, social, and traditional marketing channels, OOH campaigns enhance the overall brand experience. Smart integration allows marketers to synchronize messaging, leveraging the strengths of each channel for a more holistic and compelling storytelling approach. By incorporating OOH, advertisers can create a narrative that transcends screens, engaging consumers across the entire spectrum of their daily lives.

Enhanced Digital Integration and Data Insights:

Contrary to the perception that OOH advertising operates in isolation, modern campaigns seamlessly integrate with digital technologies to enhance engagement and gather valuable data insights. Through QR codes, augmented reality experiences, and location-based technologies, OOH ads can drive consumers to online platforms, creating a bridge between the physical and digital realms. This integration not only boosts interactive experiences but also provides advertisers with valuable data on consumer behavior, preferences, and the effectiveness of their campaigns, contributing to a more informed and data-driven omnichannel strategy.

In fact, Facebook conducted a study a few years ago that proved combining OOH ads with traditional Facebook advertising was 13% more effective than OOH and online advertising alone. This study concluded that the “combination of these two advertising channels extends the reach of the campaigns to a broader a younger audience and helps advertisers more efficiently reach their objectives.” 

Physical Presence in a Digital Age:

In a world inundated with virtual experiences, OOH advertising provides a refreshing and memorable touchpoint for consumers. Moving billboards, transit ads, and stationary ads become unavoidable elements in the urban landscape, ensuring brand visibility and recall. While consumers navigate through a sea of digital content, OOH advertising captures attention in the physical world, offering a unique and unmissable opportunity to make a lasting impression.

The evolution of advertising demands a comprehensive and adaptive approach, and OOH advertising stands out as a dynamic and impactful element in the contemporary marketing mix. Marketers and advertisers who embrace OOH as an essential part of their omnichannel strategy unlock new dimensions of visibility, engagement, and brand reinforcement, propelling their campaigns to unprecedented heights in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer attention. As we navigate the digital age, let's not forget the power of OOH advertising in creating lasting connections in the physical world.

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