Mesmerize teams up with StreetMetrics to measure 15 markets across the US

Mesmerize has selected StreetMetrics as their national transit measurement partner.

Mesmerize teams up with StreetMetrics to measure 15 markets across the US

Birmingham, AL (October 5th, 2023) -- Mesmerize, a leading NYC-based outdoor media operator, has selected StreetMetrics as their national transit measurement partner. Through this partnership, Mesmerize will deploy StreetMetrics planning, measurement, and attribution solutions to their 1,000 vehicles across 15 US markets, giving their advertisers access to advanced campaign insights. 

“Having partnered closely with Evan and the team at Mesmerize during the pilot phase, it’s clear they’re focused on bringing real value and insights to their clients. We’re excited to expand our partnership together and assist Mesmerize on their mission to enable brands to deliver messaging directly to consumers on the go.” says Drew Jackson, Founder and CEO of StreetMetrics.

Mesmerize’s partnership with transit authorities across the Midwest allows advertisers to cover entire markets with messaging and surround their target audience with media that meets customers where they are throughout their day. Mesmerize continues to lean into impression measurement to report delivered impressions and attribution to prove their campaigns are driving real business results post-exposure. 

“Growing Mesmerize’s transit portfolio across the Midwest has been a major priority over the past 5 years, providing additional opportunities for our clients to reach their consumers in an efficient, impactful way,” said Evan Gordon, SVP at Mesmerize. “As we’ve continued to expand, we understand the value of a strong measurement solution and are excited to partner with StreetMetrics to prove the effectiveness of transit advertising and the ROI it delivers for our advertisers.”

In addition to providing ROI to advertisers, Mesmerize is able to leverage these same insights to better position themselves to work alongside transit authorities. As transit providers become increasingly interested in who, where and when audiences are exposed to advertising on their vehicles, operators are using reporting data as a differentiating value add when negotiating partnerships with transit authorities.

Together, Mesmerize and StreetMetrics are committed to boosting outdoor media’s value for both advertisers and consumers by delivering relevant ads to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Here’s to more miles measured, together!


About Mesmerize:

Founded in 2006, Mesmerize is a media company dedicated to connecting people with valuable information, resources, and tools that empower them to proactively manage their health and improve their lives. Point of care media, transit media, and place-based, out-of-home media provide highly-targeted advertising campaigns across the U.S. Mesmerize helps you reach your marketing goals through our national network of media solutions. For more information, visit

About StreetMetrics:

StreetMetrics is a media measurement company serving the out-of-home advertising industry. StreetMetrics’ planning, measurement, and attribution solutions help media operators prove the return on investment for their out-of-home ad campaigns. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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