LED Truck Media leverages StreetMetrics to bolster mobile digital billboard measurement

LED Truck Media will use StreetMetrics to measure its clients' ad campaigns, nationally.

LED Truck Media leverages StreetMetrics to bolster mobile digital billboard measurement

BIRMINGHAM, AL, November 14, 2023 --  StreetMetrics, the leader in out-of-home media measurement, announced today that Miami-based LED Truck Media selected it as their planning, measurement, and attribution solutions provider for their digital advertising fleet. With StreetMetrics, LED Truck Media will gain insights about their mobile digital billboards across the nation. 

“LED Truck Media was one of StreetMetrics’ earliest clients and helped guide the technology to where it is today. They were one of the first companies to take a chance on us and I’m grateful for that,” says Drew Jackson, Founder of StreetMetrics.  “I’m excited that Jonnathan and his team have given the green light to expand our partnership nationally.” 

LED Truck Media's fleet of mobile digital billboard trucks boasts agility, enabling advertisers to target their desired audiences virtually anywhere. These digital billboard advertising vehicles utilize both captivating visuals and audio to display attention-grabbing advertisements in proximity to their target demographics, be it outside sporting events, concerts, conferences, or other high-traffic areas. Equipped with ultra-bright LED chip, LED trucks ensure that ads remain highly visible to the nearby audience day and night.

“LED Truck Media is thrilled to announce our expanded partnership with StreetMetrics. Our collaboration with StreetMetrics has been instrumental in helping us provide insights to our agency partners and clients, and we are proud to have been one of their earliest partners”, says Jonnathan Trilleras, President and CEO of LED Truck Media. “We are fascinated by how StreetMetrics has evolved and are excited to continue revolutionizing the mobile billboard space. Together, we are illuminating the way for brands to shine brightly among target audiences.”

LED Truck Media's screens deliver tailor-made and cost-effective advertisements at a national scale. As the company continues to expand its reach, they will harness the scalable planning, measurement, and attribution capabilities offered by StreetMetrics to boost advertiser renewals and expand their customer base.


About StreetMetrics:

StreetMetrics is a media measurement company serving the out-of-home advertising industry. StreetMetrics’ planning, measurement, and attribution solutions help media operators prove the return on investment for their out-of-home ad campaigns. For more information, visit www.streetmetrics.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

About LED Truck Media:

Founded in 2004, LED Truck Media is a pioneer in the world of Digital Out-of-Home advertising. The media operator has one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of mobile digital outdoor advertising trucks in the country. For more information, visit www.ledtruckmedia.com.  

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