Lead Innovations selects StreetMetrics to measure their mobile digital billboard fleet

StreetMetrics selected to help Lead Innovations with its planning, measurement, and attribution solutions.

Lead Innovations selects StreetMetrics to measure their mobile digital billboard fleet

Birmingham, AL (November 2nd, 2023) -- Lead Innovations, a Bellevue, NE-based mobile digital billboard operator, has selected StreetMetrics to power their planning, measurement, and attribution solutions for their mobile digital billboard fleet. Lead Innovations and StreetMetrics will roll out measurement in their current Omaha and Tampa markets.

“The landscape of the OOH industry is rapidly evolving, with changing attitudes towards data becoming evident,” says Michael Steinberg, Chief Revenue Officer of StreetMetrics. “We are thrilled to welcome Lead Innovations to the StreetMetrics family, recognizing their deep understanding of the value of measurement and the importance of providing near real-time metrics and insights to their clients in the markets they serve.” 

Lead Innovations’ fleet of mobile digital billboards has consistently delivered high performance campaigns for their advertisers. Their advanced digital screens allow for low production cost and customized activations for advertisers looking to reach the right audience. Launching a campaign with Lead Innovations is as simple as choosing a route, designing your creative, and watching your ads take to the road.

“One of the biggest concerns customers have in adding mobile digital billboards to their media mix is quantifying the number of impressions.  We have tried multiple partners and technologies over the years, and none of them have lived up to their own hype.  StreetMetrics has been different.  Their data is by far the most accurate, and the amount of data points they can provide beyond impression counts is impressive.  We are excited for the partnership and to offer this data to our customers.  It's going to be an industry game-changer!” -Jerry Teeter, Founder, CEO Lead Innovations

Each market Lead Innovations operates in has multiple routes that are set up to target specific areas, averaging between 30-50 square miles.  As Lead Innovations’ trucks travel through shopping centers, parks, and areas with large events, they will be able to better optimize their audience exposure to increase impressions by leveraging StreetMetrics’ impression hotspot mapping suite.

Lead Innovations’ measurement-focused approach mirrors a shift in the industry's perspective, where OOH data and analytics were once limited to the top 20 markets. However, the recent surge in interest from media agencies and advertisers in the top 100 markets signifies a broader recognition of the significance of metrics and insights. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Lead Innovations to help them quantify the impact of their ads, showcasing the remarkable effectiveness of moving OOH in this changing landscape. 

Together, Lead Innovations’ and StreetMetrics’ combined technologies will power some of the most advanced targeting capabilities in moving outdoor media. 


About Lead Innovations:

Founded in 2014, Lead Innovations is a local LED mobile billboard company that helps local brands and political organizations take their message to the exact location it needs to be seen. Their digital screens offer an engaging and memorable medium for you to deliver any message, anywhere, anytime. For more information, visit www.leadinnovations.com

About StreetMetrics:

StreetMetrics is a media measurement company serving the out-of-home advertising industry. StreetMetrics’ planning, measurement, and attribution solutions help media operators prove the return on investment for their out-of-home ad campaigns. For more information, visit www.streetmetrics.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

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